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What's Prompting Silver's Surge in 2024 and What Lies Ahead

Discover the Factors Fueling Silver's Surge

Silver is capturing the attention of investors in 2024, showcasing its dual nature as both an industrial metal and precious metal. As demonstrated below, silver has boasted an impressive ascent this year, with current figures denoting a nearly 30% rise year to date and is reaching prices not seen in more than 10 years.*

Weight Loss, Investors Gain: The Investment Opportunity Presented by Weight Loss Treatment Innovations

More than a billion people are all too familiar with how difficult it is to shed extra weight and keep it off.1 However, until recently, progress in addressing obesity on a large scale produced lackluster results, and public health officials have been increasingly concerned as obesity has grown into a global health crisis.

Investing in Cybersecurity: An Overview on Navigating Digital Defense

In February 2024, a cyberattack against the electronic payments system operated by Change Healthcare, a unit of United Health Care, wreaked havoc on the nation’s health care payment processing system. Doctors and health care providers were unable to process insurance claims, squeezing health care providers and patients alike. The fallout from the attack continued to be felt for weeks afterward.1