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Investing in Cybersecurity: An Overview on Navigating Digital Defense

In February 2024, a cyberattack against the electronic payments system operated by Change Healthcare, a unit of United Health Care, wreaked havoc on the nation’s health care payment processing system. Doctors and health care providers were unable to process insurance claims, squeezing health care providers and patients alike. The fallout from the attack continued to be felt for weeks afterward.1

Greener Horizons: What is Happening with Cannabis Rescheduling

And how it could change the industry

Cannabis ETFs have soared in 2024 as a top performing theme,  so what is causing the surge?

From Stocks to Bonds: Historical Minimum, Maximum, and Average Returns in a Presidential Election Year

The stage is set for a potential rerun of the 2020 election this November and many investors are aware that financial markets usually do well in a presidential election year. Election years present a unique dynamic since the normal market influences are in play plus factors related to the election.