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Weight Loss, Investors Gain: The Investment Opportunity Presented by Weight Loss Treatment Innovations

More than a billion people are all too familiar with how difficult it is to shed extra weight and keep it off.1 However, until recently, progress in addressing obesity on a large scale produced lackluster results, and public health officials have been increasingly concerned as obesity has grown into a global health crisis.

Greener Horizons: What is Happening with Cannabis Rescheduling

And how it could change the industry

Cannabis ETFs have soared in 2024 as a top performing theme,  so what is causing the surge?

From Stocks to Bonds: Historical Minimum, Maximum, and Average Returns in a Presidential Election Year

The stage is set for a potential rerun of the 2020 election this November and many investors are aware that financial markets usually do well in a presidential election year. Election years present a unique dynamic since the normal market influences are in play plus factors related to the election.